Fury as Lib Dems kill off Saatchi Bill

February 28, 2015

Fury as lib dems kill off bill copy

Exclusive Plans to make it easier doctors to find cures for diseases by trying out new treatments on patients without the fear of being sued have been vetoed by the Liberal Democrats

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Nick Clegg and Lib Dems Refuse to Debate the Bill – and Kill It

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have refused to debate the Medical Innovation Bill in the House of Commons in doing so they have killed the Bill. The Bill has been extensively debated four times in the House of Lords. It has been the subject of a Department of Health consultation, and the team have consulted […]

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My son Daniel

February 13, 2015

My son Daniel, then aged 17, was diagnosed with a life-decimating bone cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, in 2006. Lord Saatchi’s Bill has the laudable aim of putting the interests of seriously ill patients at the heart of decision-making. Everyone, surely, must support that objective.

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Is ‘consultation’ enough?

July 1, 2014

Lord Mackay, ‘I believe the Bill has the best possible protection...'

The new draft of the Medical Innovation Bill, which has its second reading in the House of Lords on June 27th 2014, is a strong and robust version of the Bill that has been improved by public consultation.

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