House of Lords – Committee stage round-up

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On Friday 24th October 2014 the House of Lords committee stage for the Medical Innovation Bill took place.

The Bill has now passed through to the report stage.

Lord Saatchi has agreed to a round table discussion prior to the reporting stage.

Watch the full debate here

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The committee stage included debating amendments produced by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh on behalf of the Government that were laid down in Lord Saatchi’s name.

The amendments offered by Sir Bruce have met considerable favour among stakeholders – some of whom were previously concerned about the old version of the Bill.

For example the General Medical Council chair, Professor Sir Peter Rubin, said:  “Medicine is a risky business. There are many people alive today because of the willingness of doctors to innovate, deal with uncertainty and take reasonable risks which are understood, shared with, and consented to, by the patient in accordance with good medical practice. While we welcome the amendments to the Bill in Lord Saatchi’s name, we look forward to seeing the final version.”

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And Cancer Research UK also made a positive statement about the new Bill.  Sarah Woolnough, the charity’s Director of Policy and Information, said: “We will monitor the Bill’s progress closely and hope we will see a greater focus on innovation thanks to this Bill.”

→Read: Cancer Research UK latest blog post on the Medical Innovation Bill containing the extract above (published 7th October 2014).

Media on the debate:

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The above article is written by Dominic Nutt – who is part of the Saatchi Bill team.

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